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Dycon’s range of EN graded and ungraded power supplies offer many advanced features including Switch Mode Technology.
As well as giving outstanding stability and a true stated rating, these power supplies use around 50% less electricity to run when compared with traditional Linear designs.

These PSUs run cool. Greater efficiency means less energy converted to heat giving a longer lifespan for your equipment and your back up batteries.

Use a Dycon PSU, think green and help reduce our use of power.

EN Range
Ratings quoted are actual useable current ratings when used as an EN compliant PSU and does not reflect the total output which will be greater.

Grade 2 Environmental Class ll.
D1520 - 0.5 Amp
D1521 - 1.0 Amp
D1522 - 2.0 Amp

Grade 3 Environmental Class ll.
D1531 - 1.0 Amp
D1532 - 2.0 Amp

General purpose power supplies quote the total output current available from the power supply.

General Purpose Environmental Class ll.
D1501 - 1.0 Amp
D1502 - 2.0 Amp
D1503 - 3.0 Amp
D1505 - 5.0 Amp

D154X Series - the latest multi-indicator switched mode power suppy for intruder and access control applications
D1541 - 1.0 Amp
D1542 - 2.0 Amp
D1543 - 3.0 Amp
D1545 - 5.0 Amp

D155X Series - 12V switched mode power supplies for access control applications
D1551 - 1.0 Amp
D1553 - 3.0 Amp
D1555 - 5.0 Amp

D1565 switched mode power supply with constant voltage and variable output range (12V - 15VDC) - perfect for CCTV
D1565 - 5Amp - 12V to 15VDC

For ungraded power supplies, the D15X8 allows a single power supply output to be split into up to 8 individually fused outputs.  Each fuse is monitored and a red LED lights if a fuse fails.  A variety of fuses can be used, provided that the maximum overall current of the power supply is not exceeded.  As an example, 6 x 1/2 Amp fuses may be used when connected to a 3 Amp power supply, or 6 x 1/2 Amp fuses plus 2 x 1 Amp fuses may be used when connected to a 5 Amp power supply.

D2400 Series for CCTV and door access applications
D2401 - 1.0 Amp, 24 Volts
D2402 - 2.0 Amp, 24 Volts
D2403 - 3.0 Amp, 24 Volts
D2412 - 2.0 Amp, 24 Volts - with battery charging
D2413 - 3.0 Amp, 24 Volts - with battery charging

D157X (12V) and D247X (24V) Series for access control applications
D1573 - 3.0 Amp, 12 Volts
D1575 - 5.0 Amp, 12 Volts
D2473 - 3.0 Amp, 24 Volts
D2475 - 5.0 Amp, 24 Volts

D2900 Series AC power supply for CCTV applications
D2904 - 4 Amp - IP66 with 4-way outputs at 1 Amp each

D1800 Series Midspan PoE power supply
D1804 - 4 ports
D1808 - 8 ports
D1812 - 12 ports
D1816 - 16 ports

This range of midspan PoE power supplies is perfect for IP network based cameras (fixed or PTZ), access control systems, POS terminals, IP phones and other IP devices.  This is a fast and cost-effective solution for powering IP peripherals whilst reducing energy consumption thanks to switched mode technology.

D1410 12V 10A power supply
Our new power supply 12V 10A D1410 offers high energy efficiency and versatility for CCTV security installations.

DIN Rail Mounted Power Solutions - 12VDC and 24VDC
Advanced, "greener", switched mode technology power units that clip directly onto a DIN rail type "G section" (NS32) or "top hat section" (N35/7.5).

To comply with the relevant EN requirements the enclosure sizes reflect the need for differing size rechargeable batteries.

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Why choose Dycon power supplies?

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D153X Grade 3 PSU manual

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