The DYCON D5000 series Audio Verification System continuously monitors the secured premises to provide alarm confirmation for systems that cannot provide sequential alarm verification.
To ease system upgrades, the D5000 can connect to almost any control panel regardless of manufacturer.
For flexible system design it is possible to monitor single or multiple groups of detectors, immediately prior to and after an alarm condition, thus enabling the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to confirm alarm conditions.
ARCs can dial into systems using a standard telephone handset and listen to live and/or recorded audio.

D5000 Series of audio detection and alarm verification units
  • D5000 AVU Unit
  • D5010 AVU Microphone
  • D5020 AVU Expansion Board
  • D5030 AVU Hub

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D5000 FAQs

D5000 Installation Manual

D5000 Quickstart Installation Manual

D5000/D5001 AVU Datasheet

D5000 AVU Broadcast Addendum v3

D5000 AVU Command Summary

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